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Welcome to Label IT's StreamLine® order management system, a cloud based portal that allows our vendors to place, track, and manage their trading partners required barcoded or RFID product and master carton labels, price stickers & hang tags from a guaranteed authorized resource.

With Production facilities in North America, Hong Kong and Vietnam, our vendors guaranteed labels are printed and shipped directly to the factories for application to their products saving time and money!  

Stop paying the fines and penalties for bad labels, click "Order Now" to register and let us help you Label IT correctly!!

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Compliance Labels

Today's leading retailers & industry specific manufacturers utilize RFID labeling and tags to streamline their supply chain management.  Whether you need your labels or tags printed & encoded or the blanks for you to print them in-house, Streamline has the solution for you!

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RFID Labels

As a certified GS1 Solution Provider for the USA, Hong Kong, and China, Streamline guarantees that the UPC, EAN, GTIN & Code-128 Master Carton barcoded labels we print on your behalf meet all GS1 global standards.

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Barcode Labels

StreamLine works with apparel, textile and accessory manufacturers, importers and distributors around the globe to ensure that the brand labels, care & content labels, law labels and hang tags that are sewn, ironed or attached to their products meet their trading partner guidelines but equally as important, maintain the integrity of their brand!

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Fabric Labels

Whether you're producing your products in North America or throughout the globe, the quality of the color label attached to your product or its package identifies and showcases your brand to buyers and consumers. Control where and how your color labels are produced while protecting your brand's integrity through StreamLine.

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Color Labels

StreamLine offers a selective range of pressure sensitive Direct & Thermal Transfer Labels as well as the specialty labels for Inkjet color printers.

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Blank Labels

Do your labels need to be smudge and scratch resistant? StreamLine stocks the leading industrial and commercial wax, wax/resin and solid resin ribbons to fit your application and your flat-head and near-edge printers.

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Whether at the retail, warehouse or distribution level, StreamLine matches each application with the appropriate Thermal or Direct printing equipment, label materials, scanners, verifiers and applicators for you to get you to your desired results.   CONTACT US today and we can get your in-house printing set up in no time!

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Printer Hardware
Label IT has made its mark through our consistent label quality, printing accuracy and performance